Creating Beauty in Spaces: How to Become an Event Designer

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Are you tired of going to events that you could have done a better job designing?

Getting a job as an event designer might seem like it’s out of reach, but you’d be surprised how far your passion can take you. If you’ve got the eye for design, there’s no reason you can’t make a profitable career out of it.

Of course, it’s not quite as easy as launching a business and finding clients. You’ll need to learn how to run a proper business if you’re going to earn a good living.

In this post, we’re going to take you through some of the steps that are required to land this dream job. Follow along and you’ll be focusing all of your attention on creating beauty in spaces.

What Does An Event Designer Do?

Many people, even those aspiring to work in event planning and design, get confused about what event designers actually do. In short, event designers are focused on making sure that the event space is looking perfect. As the name states, they’re focused on everything relating to the “design” of the event, so working with the event organizer to come up with a theme, creating or sourcing the decor, and making sure that it all comes together in the space before the guests arrive.

Event planners, on the other hand, are focused more on the logistical side of things, like organizing speakers, caterers, entertainment, photography, etc. A lot of the time, event companies will combine them, but they really are two different jobs that require very different skillsets. 

An event planner will be pragmatic and organized, while an event designer will have a keen eye for design and detail. There are a few different paths you can follow to become an event designer, which we’ll dig into next.

Career Paths In Event Design

There’s no one way to land your dream job in event design. You might decide that you’ve got your own vision and start your own event design company, or you may find an event planning company and land a job as their in-house designer.

Whichever path you end up taking, you’ll need some combination of training and experience to hone your creativity and become the best event designer you can be. First, let’s talk about education.


Most event designers will have a background in either interior design, art, or other creative pursuits. Since creativity is the name of the game, you’ll need this quality to really stand out in the event design field. Many people are naturally creative, but an artistic-leaning education can help you control and develop creativity.

Whether that means you’ve got a bachelor’s degree in fine arts or a design certificate doesn’t really matter. There’s no event design degree, but some related education will help you get a good entry-level event design job out of the gate.

Gaining Experience

You may be thinking of starting your own company, but it’s invaluable to work for another event planning company for a few years first. It’ll help you understand how the industry works and what different clients are going to expect of you. 

Nothing replaces experience in the field, not even education. It’s easier to get your first gig with an educational background, but a few years of experience and great design skills are always better.

Getting Certified

When you decide to start your own event design business, you quickly realize that there’s more to it than meets the eye. If you don’t want to end up in over your head, it’s great to take a course and get certified. No matter if you’ve got a background in design, experience working as or with an event designer, or you’ve already launched your company, learning the specifics of running an event design business will help you.

The K&S Academy will give you all of the background and skills you need to launch a successful event design career. The course itself is laid out by our certified event planner/designer, Mrs. Serena Terry, and covers everything from luxury event setup and business creativity to more specific design theory, looking at things like tablescapes, drapery, wall treatments, and floral installations.

To learn more about the course and fill out an application, visit our website. An ideal candidate will already have their business set up, but we can also help you get started with that. Let’s talk more about the basics of running a small event design business.

Starting Your Own Event Business

With any small business, you need to start with a great business plan. Once you have the tools for success in the world of event design and a business plan in place, the sky’s the limit.

Business Plan

So, what is a business plan? 

This is where you’ll lay out a roadmap for starting your business. It’s something that you’ll be able to refer back to and includes important things like how you’ll finance the business, identifying your niche market, marketing plans, and an operating model.

With an event design business, you can start small and grow at a comfortable pace. Once you’ve got the training and experience, it’s really about finding your first customers through social media and digital marketing.

Promotion and Finding Clients

Since event design is all about creating beauty in spaces, you’ll need to convey that with a strong brand identity. Your potential customers will want to be sure that your design philosophy jives with their needs, so use the digital marketing tools available to promote your new business the right way.

Get the social media accounts for your business and start building an audience with strong visuals and a consistent voice. You’ll also need a professional-looking website that informs future clients about you and what you do. Another great way to build an audience and convert them into customers is with a fun and informative event design blog.

There’s no shortage of ways to promote your business online, so once you’ve done the training and crafted a business plan, start promoting and get your feet wet with those first few customers.

Turn Your Creativity Into a Career

If you’ve got the knack for design and a love for events, then why not turn it into a career as an event designer? With the proper training and certifications, you could be making great money in no time doing your dream job.

Let us help prepare you for this new endeavor. Enroll in the K&S Academy business mentorship program by visiting our website today.

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