Everything You Need to Know About Becoming an Event Planner

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When people think of fast-growing industries, they think of technology or finance. They should think about event planning. 

Nearly 140,000 Americans are event planners. The industry will add an additional 10,000 jobs over the next decade, meaning it is growing faster than average. 

If you’re looking for an exciting job opportunity, you should think about becoming an event planner. But many people hesitate. They have a lot of questions about this line of work. 

How should someone prepare themselves for the job? What are the essential skills that a person needs? 

Here is your guide to answering those questions. 

You Should Get Educated

You do not have to go to college to be a successful event planner. But you should try to get a college education. 

There is no Bachelor’s degree in wedding planning design, so you should try to pursue a program in hospitality. A hospitality program will teach you business management, marketing, and public relations. 

If you enjoy being in college, stay and get a Master’s degree. You can take finance and entrepreneurship classes, which can set you up to run your own business. 

While at college, try to take classes outside of a core hospitality program. Taking art or literature classes can facilitate your creative thinking. 

Before you graduate, meet up with your teachers. Talk to them about life as an event planner. Take their contact information so you can use them as references and get referrals from them.  

You may be able to find event design courses in community colleges. Some provide only wedding planning courses, while others cover a range of events. In any case, try to take these classes and get a certificate in wedding planning. 

A few community centers or private businesses may have some classes. Search for “wedding design classes near me.” You may be able to get instruction in floral design, which many events rely upon. 

You Must Get Experience

Experience is just as important as education in event design. While you are in college, you need to work for an event planner. Google “wedding coordinator near me” to find jobs near you. 

As an entry-level employee, you can expect to handle the paperwork and office tasks. This sounds dull, but administrative duties give you knowledge of the back-end of the business. You may also handle some marketing duties, like sending emails to potential clients. 

Once you’re out of school, find a full-time job with an event planner. Intermediate-level employees handle more duties related to the events themselves, like finding venues. 

If you cannot find a job with an event planning company, find one with a hotel or entertainment agency. Both work alongside event planners, and you may be able to connect with one. They also give you experience in management and creative projects.  

See if you can attend some events yourself. Find a wedding event hall in Milwaukee and observe how they prepare for events. Take notes on qualities you like. 

Prepare Yourself for Long Hours 

There are many skills that event planners need to be successful. A good work ethic and endurance are two essential ones. 

Events require weeks of preparation. You have to meet with clients and figure out what they want. You have to find caterers, musicians, and venue hosts. 

Then you have to prepare the venue site itself. You have to find seating and a stage, in addition to decorations and amenities. The event itself can take hours to unfold.  

You can expect to work longer than forty hours a week, especially toward the start of your career. You may have to work late or come in early some days. 

This may sound stressful, but you can have a full life working long hours. Create a daily routine that is personalized to you. Make lists of everything you need to get done. 

Structure your days into logical blocks. If you have a lot of little tasks, break your days into hourly blocks. Spend one hour working on one task. 

If you have a lot of big tasks, break your days down into mornings, middays, and evenings. Get tasks that require troubleshooting done in the mornings. Then get routine stuff done during middays, and prepare for the next day during the evenings. 

Stay Creative and Fresh 

Being creative and energetic are two other essential skills. Every client is different, and you have to adapt to their needs and desires. You often need to come up with new ideas to resolve a problem or go the extra mile. 

Give yourself time to read, write, and look at art. Keep a journal with you and jot down ideas you can use for events. 

Get at least eight hours of sleep every night. If you’re tired, you won’t be able to give your clients their full attention. 

You may have clients from different cultural backgrounds than you. Let them take the lead on their events, especially if you are unfamiliar with their culture.

But act as a resource for them. Offer your perspective on venues they can find and how they should schedule their event. 

Find the Best Event Planner 

You need to take some steps before you become an event planner. Get yourself educated. Find courses in event design, or pursue a major in hospitality management. 

Get a job at an event planning studio. If you can’t find one, work at a hotel or an entertainment agency. Start with an entry-level position that gives you knowledge of the back-end. 

Prepare yourself for long hours by writing a schedule for your day. Find sources of inspiration so you can adapt to your clients. 

Hire a planner yourself and see what they do. K&S Events offers the best services in Milwaukee. Contact us today. 

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