5 Benefits of Investing in Event Planner Classes for Your Career

event planner classes

Do you enjoy the event planning that goes on behind every beautiful wedding? Do you want to take that passion and joy, and turn it into your full-time career? If so, then you will need to invest in some extraordinary event planner classes.

Doing so can help you in a variety of ways. It’s a tremendous way to increase your skills, get valuable experience, and set yourself up for success as you search for wedding planner jobs.

See below for an in-depth list of benefits that you will receive when you dive into event planner classes to grow your career.

1. Stick Out from the Crowd

Perhaps this is your first crack at developing a career as a wedding event planner. If so, then you’ll need to learn a bit more about the industry that you’re walking into.

You should know that the entire event planning industry, as a whole, is widely unregulated. In other words, someone with absolutely no experience could just start calling themselves a wedding event planner. 

This lack of regulation makes for a very inconsistent product. Since there are no laws, regulations, or guidelines for how an event planner needs to be trained, the service varies from professional to professional. You could pay the same flat rate for one wedding planner and get an inferior result to another event planner of the same price.

Imagine the headache that causes for clients. They’re supposed to be enjoying every phase of the wedding planning process but, as we all know,  that can be a hectic time. They might feel like they’re drowning in options for which wedding planner to hire.

Then, here you come with a certification from a prestigious event planning and designing course, such as the K&S Academy event planning course. For the client, the choice will become obvious: they’ll hire you!

2. Elaborate Knowledge of the Process

Whether you’re just starting or have done a bit of event planning on the side, there is always more that you could be learning. The goal is to hone your skills and continuously grow your craft. If you stay stagnant, then you’ll be left behind by the latest event planning trends, which are constantly changing.

If you’re going to start an event planning business or use a freelancer model, then you’ll want to learn as much as you can as efficiently as possible.

The event planning course from K&S Academy can provide you with all of the information you need. All who take our course will learn about topics such as:

  • Tablescapes
  • Gazebos
  • Luxury Event Setup
  • Ceiling Décor
  • Drapery
  • Pricing Your Designs
  • Business Creativity
  • Executing Floral Designs
  • Elongated Backdrops
  • Wall Treatments & more

You will also be able to pick the brain of the infamous Mrs. Serena Terry, or certified event planner and designer. She’ll unveil the methodology that she uses to create a truly unique event. 

By the time you’ve completed our event planning course, you will be able to envision the event like never before. You’ll imagine different features to incorporate and how to tie them all together.

3. Customized Courses for Your Needs

Some of you only need to learn a few more tricks to the trade. For example, you might be an event planner with 10+ years of experience who only wants to learn about design tactics such as draping, tables, centerpieces, lighting design, and so forth.

Then others of you are beginners and need to learn everything from event planning business tactics, design basics, and various other tidbits of advice for becoming an event planner.

No matter where you’re at in your event planning career, K&S Academy has you covered! We offer several different courses to cater to any need you have. Here are our packages listed out:

  • All-Inclusive Package: $5,000 (2 day)
  • Design Only Course: $3,500 (2 day)
  • Backdrop Only Corse: $1,000
  • Tablescape Only Course: $1,000
  • Balloon Course: $499 for Basic, $999 for Advanced
  • Vinyl Flooring Course: $2,500
  • Flower Arranging Course: $2,500 (8 hours)

4. Grow Your Network

One of the biggest benefits to our K&S Events educational system is our emphasis on growing connections between all the instructors and course takers. 

You’ll be able to connect and network with your peers throughout the course. Our course takers consist of people from all over the world, so you’ll be able to build a strong network of fellow event planners. This can help you build a professional support system that will help you motivate each other to greater heights.

Another perk of a strong network is the opportunity to collaborate with other event planners to give your clients something truly unique.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

Fair or not, there will be certain things that you’ll only learn by applying what you’ve learned for event planning. Our courses allow you to learn from your actions before you go out into the real world.

This is another problem with the unregulated event planning industry. Far too many uncertified event planners make crucial mistakes during the process, and their customers are the ones that pay the price for it.

By getting certified, you’re showing that you’ve not only learned tricks to the trade, but you’ve also applied them in the way you go about your event planning business.

Invest in Event Planner Classes Today

Now that you have seen the numerous benefits that you’ll receive when you invest in event planner classes, it’s time to do so for your career.

Be sure to visit this page for more information on who we are at K&S Events and why our experience is so valuable to you as a student.

For any other inquiries that you might have, be sure to reach out via our contact us page and we look forward to assisting you further.

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