Fun Wedding Theme Ideas for Weddings During the Holidays

Being engaged is an exciting time. It’s when you get to plan your special day and put together all the little details that make it such a beautiful and memorable event.

If you’re planning a wedding around the holidays, you can take your big day to the next level by choosing a wedding theme that gets your guests in the holiday spirit. You’ll not only be celebrating your special day, but you’ll also be putting your friends and families in a festive mood. 

To help you plan the perfect holiday wedding, we’ve put together some amazing wedding theme ideas that you’ll fall in love with. Check out these ideas and get inspired on how to say “I do” in style!

Tips for Creating a Festive Atmosphere

Before we jump into different holiday themes, let’s take a look at a few ways that you can create a festive atmosphere. Here are some pro tips for decorating your space and making your winter wedding theme come to life!

Use Live Decorations

One of the best ways to make any wedding feel festive is to use fresh decorations. This is a great way to plan an all-natural and alternative wedding theme. 

Try lining the event hall with boughs of holly to using real, fresh pine garlands to add to the holiday spirit. You can also have live fir trees located in ideal spots around the event space. 

One pro tip is to try matching your bridal bouquet to the fresh decor you use around the hall. You can use poinsettias or pinecones to add color to your bouquet and make it blend in with the beautiful theme. 

Play With Lighting

Whether you’re having a Thanksgiving wedding or a wedding close to a different holiday, lighting is the perfect way to create a festive theme. If you’ve got a Christmas wedding underway, you can make it really feel like winter by using an indoor snowfall effect.

Or, you can add custom light fixtures that cast unique shadows around the event space and bring the area to life. It’s the perfect way to create a holiday glow that makes your wedding pop!

Holiday Wedding Themes to Pick From

Now that you’ve got a few ideas on how to make your wedding decor match your theme, let’s look at a few holiday wedding themes. Whether you’re planning Christmas nuptials or wanting something spooky for a Halloween wedding, this list will leave you feeling inspired. 

A Christmas Carol

Noting screams Christmas quite like Scrooge and the Ghosts of Christmas Past. Charles Dickens’ classic story makes for the perfect holiday wedding theme for anyone getting married during this season!

A great way to make this wedding theme come to life is to use Victorian decorations, flickering candles, and elegant lanterns around your event hall. Top things off with a string quartet for a truly elegant and inspired evening.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a fun and spooky story that’s perfect for anyone wanting a Halloween-inspired wedding. You can make this wedding theme magical by playing spooky music in the background and using purple lighting in the reception hall. 

Try decorating with pumpkins and skulls in the hall to make things really pop. Plus, you can add a signature cocktail that’s inspired by Sally and Jack to get your guests in the mood!


If your dream wedding involves donning a princess gown and wiring around on the dance floor for the day, why not get inspired by the classic Disney holiday movie, Frozen? A frozen wedding gets you the perfect mix of royalty and holiday inspiration for your big day. 

You can find a wedding dress that’s inspired by Elsa’s gorgeous blue number or opt for a snowflake decorated wedding cake. Or, simply use blue lighting and icy decorations to make the event hall really feel like you’ve stepped into Arendelle. 

Christmas in New York

There’s something absolutely magical about Christmastime in New York. It’s a time when the whole city seems to light up and be filled with holiday cheer.

You can capture the essence of celebrating the season in the Big Apple at your wedding. Get inspired by the giant tree at the Rockefeller Center or opt for fun music that you might expect to hear at a Rockettes show. 

When planning a New York holiday wedding, there are so many ways that you can bring the theme to life. It’s the perfect way to tie the knot in the holiday spirit!


Many of us have fond memories of playing Candyland as kids. And, we can bring this fun holiday-themed board game to life by creating your very own Candyland wedding!

A red and white color scheme will make your guests feel as though they’re walking through the candy cane forest. Plus, you can have candy canes adorn your cake to give the menu a fun holiday feel, too. 

Plus, red and white are extremely elegant touches to add to your day. Choose red and white bouquets and enjoy a day that really feels like magic.

Pick the Perfect Wedding Theme

With these amazing holiday wedding theme ideas, you’re ready to get started planning the perfect nuptials. It’s time to make your special day as memorable as possible with these unique wedding themes. 

If you’re looking for some help planning your wedding, be sure to check out K and S Events. We’ll help you put together the perfect holiday wedding so that you can tie the knot in style. 

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