Hiring a Wedding Planner vs DIY: 6 Reasons Why You Should Go With the Pros!

hiring a wedding planner

Did you know that 27% of couples hire a wedding planner? You might wonder what the pros and cons are and if it is worth your money.

The Knot conducted a few studies, and the answer is a resounding “Yes!” Want to know why? Keep reading to find out the six reasons why hiring a wedding planner is a good idea.

1. Bring Your Vision to Life

Not everyone dreams of their wedding day since they were a kid, but many of us do! You might be one of the many brides and grooms that have dreamt of a magical day where everything is just perfect.

Perfection takes a lot of work and experience, and if this is the first event you are planning, it is an overwhelming task.

But not to worry! There is a solution. The best wedding planner will get to know you and your fiancee and understand the vision you imagined together. They must pinpoint the details that makes your wedding unique and personal to bring your vision to life. 

You must “vibe” with your wedding planner to make sure that you are on the same line and that they understand your needs. Are you looking for a traditional wedding? A destination wedding? A casual wedding? Your great wedding planner will listen to what you need and plan accordingly. 

2. Manage Your Budget

There is a common misconception that a wedding planner will cost more than DYI wedding planning. However, a wedding planner may know some extra tips and tricks that can help you save a ton of money in the long run.

Additionally, a wedding planner will also make sure that you stay on budget. As professionals, they are aware of hidden and unexpected costs and will inform you of these costs. 

Lastly, they can advise you before making an impulse purchase that you may later regret, and that does not add as much value to the overall day as you might expect. 

3. Solve Unexpected Problems

Problems arise in every aspect of life, and a wedding is no exception. COVID is a perfect example. Those who planned their wedding in the last two years were not expecting to deal with a global pandemic, and, to be fair, neither did the wedding planners.

However, wedding planners are professionals and have the resources and expertise to deal with these sorts of problems. 

Some problems are not as large as a global pandemic, thankfully. And wedding planners are prepped and ready to deal with anything that comes their way.  

4. Attention to Detail

A perfect wedding requires a lot of planning, and some key details can really make or break the wedding. 

Some may want a traditional wedding, and others will opt for a more alternative wedding. However, regardless of the theme, you will want your wedding to be unique and ultimately an excellent party for everyone involved.

The expertise of a wedding planner can bring your wedding to the next level. You can enjoy your wedding knowing that the wedding planner will cross every T and dot every I. 

A wedding can become a dud if it is not interactive; take a look at the following list you can add so that your wedding is the talk of the town:

  • Date jar
  • Personalized cocktails
  • Bathroom essentials for your guests
  • Photobooth
  • Hashtags for Instagram

These are just a few fun ideas to make your wedding unique and fun. A wedding planner can ensure that all these details are taken care of and ready for your guests to enjoy. 

5. Take Away the Stress

While shopping around for a wedding planner, it is important to keep in mind that you are hiring a wedding planner to alleviate stress instead of adding stress. 

If your wedding planner is adding more stress, it might be time to look for a new one. 

A good wedding planner takes on the bulk of the planning while making the experience enjoyable for you, your fiance, and your guests. 

They should take into consideration that this is your special day and be proactive in taking the proper steps to make your wedding run flawlessly. If your planner does not answer their phone, does not respect your budget, or recommends bad vendors, it is time to look for someone else.

However, a great wedding planner can do wonders for your special day. Some tell-tale signs that you should hire a wedding planner are:

  • You are constantly fighting with your fiancee
  • You are constantly under the weather
  • The wedding is taking over your life

If you notice that these items are causing issues in your life, either hire a wedding planner. 

6. Professional Advice

As a professional, a wedding planner will have the resources to give you the best advice on which decision to make. From the venue to vendors, they will have the proper experience to know what is the right thing to do. 

A wedding planner can become your confidant in all things wedding-related and will help you with every step of the way. 

A key component of a good wedding planner is time management. If you are worried about whether you are short on time or if your guests will arrive in time, leave it to your wedding planner. You should enjoy your day, and you can do so with the proper guidance and advice. 

The Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Planner

As you can see, there are many different reasons why hiring a wedding planner is a good idea. However, the pros far outweigh the cons, provided that you have a good planner!

If you are still on the fence about hiring a wedding planner, feel free to give us a call to see how we can help plan the wedding of your dreams. 

Fun Wedding Theme Ideas for Weddings During the Holidays

Being engaged is an exciting time. It’s when you get to plan your special day and put together all the little details that make it such a beautiful and memorable event.

If you’re planning a wedding around the holidays, you can take your big day to the next level by choosing a wedding theme that gets your guests in the holiday spirit. You’ll not only be celebrating your special day, but you’ll also be putting your friends and families in a festive mood. 

To help you plan the perfect holiday wedding, we’ve put together some amazing wedding theme ideas that you’ll fall in love with. Check out these ideas and get inspired on how to say “I do” in style!

Tips for Creating a Festive Atmosphere

Before we jump into different holiday themes, let’s take a look at a few ways that you can create a festive atmosphere. Here are some pro tips for decorating your space and making your winter wedding theme come to life!

Use Live Decorations

One of the best ways to make any wedding feel festive is to use fresh decorations. This is a great way to plan an all-natural and alternative wedding theme. 

Try lining the event hall with boughs of holly to using real, fresh pine garlands to add to the holiday spirit. You can also have live fir trees located in ideal spots around the event space. 

One pro tip is to try matching your bridal bouquet to the fresh decor you use around the hall. You can use poinsettias or pinecones to add color to your bouquet and make it blend in with the beautiful theme. 

Play With Lighting

Whether you’re having a Thanksgiving wedding or a wedding close to a different holiday, lighting is the perfect way to create a festive theme. If you’ve got a Christmas wedding underway, you can make it really feel like winter by using an indoor snowfall effect.

Or, you can add custom light fixtures that cast unique shadows around the event space and bring the area to life. It’s the perfect way to create a holiday glow that makes your wedding pop!

Holiday Wedding Themes to Pick From

Now that you’ve got a few ideas on how to make your wedding decor match your theme, let’s look at a few holiday wedding themes. Whether you’re planning Christmas nuptials or wanting something spooky for a Halloween wedding, this list will leave you feeling inspired. 

A Christmas Carol

Noting screams Christmas quite like Scrooge and the Ghosts of Christmas Past. Charles Dickens’ classic story makes for the perfect holiday wedding theme for anyone getting married during this season!

A great way to make this wedding theme come to life is to use Victorian decorations, flickering candles, and elegant lanterns around your event hall. Top things off with a string quartet for a truly elegant and inspired evening.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas is a fun and spooky story that’s perfect for anyone wanting a Halloween-inspired wedding. You can make this wedding theme magical by playing spooky music in the background and using purple lighting in the reception hall. 

Try decorating with pumpkins and skulls in the hall to make things really pop. Plus, you can add a signature cocktail that’s inspired by Sally and Jack to get your guests in the mood!


If your dream wedding involves donning a princess gown and wiring around on the dance floor for the day, why not get inspired by the classic Disney holiday movie, Frozen? A frozen wedding gets you the perfect mix of royalty and holiday inspiration for your big day. 

You can find a wedding dress that’s inspired by Elsa’s gorgeous blue number or opt for a snowflake decorated wedding cake. Or, simply use blue lighting and icy decorations to make the event hall really feel like you’ve stepped into Arendelle. 

Christmas in New York

There’s something absolutely magical about Christmastime in New York. It’s a time when the whole city seems to light up and be filled with holiday cheer.

You can capture the essence of celebrating the season in the Big Apple at your wedding. Get inspired by the giant tree at the Rockefeller Center or opt for fun music that you might expect to hear at a Rockettes show. 

When planning a New York holiday wedding, there are so many ways that you can bring the theme to life. It’s the perfect way to tie the knot in the holiday spirit!


Many of us have fond memories of playing Candyland as kids. And, we can bring this fun holiday-themed board game to life by creating your very own Candyland wedding!

A red and white color scheme will make your guests feel as though they’re walking through the candy cane forest. Plus, you can have candy canes adorn your cake to give the menu a fun holiday feel, too. 

Plus, red and white are extremely elegant touches to add to your day. Choose red and white bouquets and enjoy a day that really feels like magic.

Pick the Perfect Wedding Theme

With these amazing holiday wedding theme ideas, you’re ready to get started planning the perfect nuptials. It’s time to make your special day as memorable as possible with these unique wedding themes. 

If you’re looking for some help planning your wedding, be sure to check out K and S Events. We’ll help you put together the perfect holiday wedding so that you can tie the knot in style. 

How to Find the Best Event Planners Near Me?

event planners

Do you want to host a private or corporate event? If so, would you prefer expert event planners to assist you through the process?

Hosting any kind of event is a stressful experience. There’s so much to consider as well as lots of organizing and planning to take care of. For some people, it can become overwhelming, and they end up becoming a disaster.

Yet, it doesn’t have to be like this.

Professional event planners have the expertise and experience to deliver a memorable event. They can take the weight off your shoulders, which makes it more enjoyable for you.

But, the only challenge is identifying who these people are. To do this, you need a strategy to separate the good from the bad. After all, there are many event planners out there, and unfortunately, not all of them can deliver what they promise.

So in this article, we’ll share tips on how to identify the best event planners and who to stay away from.

Decide What Type of Event You Want

Before you can start searching for event planners, you need to determine your goals and objectives for the event.

Now, if it’s going to be your wedding or a birthday party, this part is rather straightforward. After all, you’ve probably been thinking about it for a while and have a good idea of what you want.

Whereas if you’re organizing a corporate event, it’s a little more difficult.

First, you need to decide what the purpose of the event is. For example, are you looking to launch a new product? Do you want to network with other companies?

Both of these will be completely different, and not all event planners will be experts in them.

So, decide what you want before trying to find someone.

Ask for Referrals

If you type event planners near me into Google, you’ll likely get dozens of results. This can make you feel overwhelmed and leave you scratching your head on how to narrow them down.

So, an easy way of creating a shortlist is to ask for referrals.

Speak to friends, family members, colleagues, business owners, etc., and ask for recommendations. It’s likely someone you speak to has hired an event planner at some point or knows someone who has.

Plus, close friends and family are the best for referrals. They’ll give you the most honest advice and inform you who to stay away from. This is because they only have your best interests at heart.

If you can get a few names, it’s a great starting point and helps speed up the process.

Check Online Reviews

A great way to assess a companies customer satisfaction rate is by reading online customer reviews. This allows you to identify any causes for concern and get an overview of how good they really are.

The best place to read reviews is on their Google My Business Page. There tends to be more on here than anywhere else and, they’re more likely to be genuine.

When reading the reviews, look out for common problems or issues. If you start noticing a trend, then you should be cautious.

Yet, it’s important to remember that most companies will have some negative reviews. Things can go wrong, and some customers are hard to please.

But as long as there are more positive reviews than negative, they should be ok.

Look for Experience

Ideally, you should look for event planners with a good amount of experience.

If they’ve been operating for many years, then it indicates that they’re doing something right. They’ve likely delivered successful events and had many repeat customers.

Whereas if you hire a relatively new company, you’re taking a risk. They’re still finding their feet in the industry ay not have the ability to achieve what you want.

The only exception would be if the founders and employees of the business had many years of experience already. For example, they may have worked elsewhere before starting the company.

Interview Candidates

It’s important to try and meet or at least have a good conversation with candidates first. This gives you a chance to interact and ask them some important questions such as:

  • What is your experience?
  • Have you hosted a similar event before?
  • How would you handle things going wrong?
  • What would your first steps be in planning this event?

A good event planner will also ask you some questions about your event, such as:

  • What are your objectives?
  • What’s your budget?
  • How many guests will be attending?

They’ll also be a great listener and able to offer ideas. This shows that they want to help deliver your own event and not theirs.

Finally, ask them for references from previous clients. It’s good to hear for yourself the kind of experience people had.

Decide on a Budget

Most people want a big event with all the extras like champagne on arrival. Unfortunately, costs can add up and in no time you’ve spent all the money.

So, speak to your planner about a budget and ask for ideas on making it go further.

Plus, you need to be clear on how much they charge for their services. Ensure you are given a contract and ask about hidden extras.

What to Do When Hiring Event Planners

It’s important you follow each of the tips we have suggested when searching for event planners.

Make sure you take your time and do your research. After all, you want your event to go well, so you need to ensure you have expert help.

Finally, if you want to know how we can organize a perfect event for you, please contact us.

How to Plan an Alternative Wedding

Alternative wedding

Marriage has existed since at least 1250 CE, but wedding ceremonies have changed significantly since then. For hundreds of years, a wedding celebration has been the launching point for marriages, and there are plenty of traditions that come along with it.

However, traditional wedding ceremonies aren’t for everyone. You may want to plan an alternative wedding that’s just as unique as your love. Read on for tips on how to plan the perfect celebration for you and your loved one. 

Find a Coordinator

Unless you’re planning a tiny ceremony with only a handful of guests, you’ll want a wedding coordinator to help take the pressure off of you for the big day. 

Your coordinator will be a close partner for you and your future spouse, so you’ll want to do more than Googling “wedding coordinator near me.” Look for someone with whom you can communicate easily and who shares your taste. In your initial conversation, make sure you gel well with your coordinator, especially if you’re going to buck tradition!

If you want to go it alone, it’s a good idea to take a few event design courses to get a sense of the scale of the job. 

Start with the Ceremony

The heart of your wedding should be the ceremony–the big moment when you commit your life to the person you love! Traditionally, the ceremony is a religious event. However, for many alternative couples, a religious ceremony isn’t the right choice. 

Civil ceremonies at the courthouse work fine for some people. If you’re looking for a non-traditional ceremony with more personality, you’ll need to find an officiant that meets your state’s standards

Think about the words you want to say to your partner, who you want to share the moment, and if you want to exchange any symbols of your new union. Maybe you want it private, or maybe you want everyone you know to see it and have a thousand pictures of it to look at over and over afterwards. Whatever your preference, find an officiant who can help you make it happen. 

Part of designing the perfect ceremony is picking the perfect setting for it. Once you’ve got an officiant and a ceremony plan, it’s time to choose a venue.  

Pick a Venue That Speaks to You

Choosing a venue can be tricky as you need to balance a space that can hold all of your guests with your budget, as well as finding a location that has the right look. 

Pick a space that’s meaningful to you and your partner, or find somewhere you can personalize. Consider factors like the weather in your area and how easy it is to get to your venue. If you’re worried about your grandparents finding parking, it will be hard to focus on the excitement of getting married! 

A flexible space, like a space designated as a wedding event hall in Milwaukee, is a great choice. Event halls offer you bare bones that you can dress up in your own style while giving you all the amenities you and your guests could need. 

Decorate from the Heart

Roses and white tulle might light up the room, but if they don’t light up your heart then pick something else! Do you and your partner love classic cars? Obscure stamps? Rare birds? 

Find a theme that speaks to you and your future spouse, and go from there. For a great alternative wedding, you should go beyond just rejecting tradition. A theme that reflects your love and interests will go a long way in making the day feel uniquely yours. 

DIY decorations get a lot of attention on Pinterest, and they can be a sweet way to make your day more personalized. However, if crafting isn’t your wheelhouse, there’s nothing wrong with outsourcing your decor to someone else. 

Cater to Your Tastes

After a beautiful ceremony, most newly established couples want to share their joy with people they love. One of the greatest ways to get the party started is with food, drink, and dancing! 

Multiple courses, plated dinners, and black-clad waitstaff are a common sight at weddings, but they aren’t necessary to seal the deal. If you want a taco bar or an all-you-can-eat buffet of your favorite take-out, those are valid options too. 

This goes for your wedding cake, too. A classic, three-tiered white confection might not be what you’ve always dreamed about. Pick a dessert that makes your sweet tooth happy–or no dessert at all if that’s more your speed! At an alternative wedding, you don’t have to fret about cake-cutting or champagne toasts. 

Your wedding coordinator can help you find a way to keep the party flowing without these regularly scheduled events. After all, who wants to micromanage a party?

Wedding Party: Help or Hindrance?

Legally speaking, someone other than the happy couple will need to bear witness to the wedding in most states. Beyond that requirement, however, there’s no need for a wedding party unless you want one.

If being surrounded by your nearest and dearest while you prepare for your wedding sounds perfect, then bring on the bridesmaids and groomsmen! But if matching outfits, posed photographs, and the noise and the chaos of a dozen people all around you make your head spin, you don’t need any of it.

For your alternative wedding, you can do whatever you like with your wedding party. If you want it to include your beloved pet, you can suit them up in a custom outfit and send them down the aisle–if you even have an aisle!

Alternative Wedding Planning Headquarters

Planning your wedding doesn’t have to be a stuffy, white-tie affair. Your wedding can be whatever you want it to be.

When an alternative wedding is the way you want to go, we can make your dreams come true. Reach out today for a consultation with our wedding planning design team to start talking about the first day of the rest of your lives!

5 Benefits of Investing in Event Planner Classes for Your Career

event planner classes

Do you enjoy the event planning that goes on behind every beautiful wedding? Do you want to take that passion and joy, and turn it into your full-time career? If so, then you will need to invest in some extraordinary event planner classes.

Doing so can help you in a variety of ways. It’s a tremendous way to increase your skills, get valuable experience, and set yourself up for success as you search for wedding planner jobs.

See below for an in-depth list of benefits that you will receive when you dive into event planner classes to grow your career.

1. Stick Out from the Crowd

Perhaps this is your first crack at developing a career as a wedding event planner. If so, then you’ll need to learn a bit more about the industry that you’re walking into.

You should know that the entire event planning industry, as a whole, is widely unregulated. In other words, someone with absolutely no experience could just start calling themselves a wedding event planner. 

This lack of regulation makes for a very inconsistent product. Since there are no laws, regulations, or guidelines for how an event planner needs to be trained, the service varies from professional to professional. You could pay the same flat rate for one wedding planner and get an inferior result to another event planner of the same price.

Imagine the headache that causes for clients. They’re supposed to be enjoying every phase of the wedding planning process but, as we all know,  that can be a hectic time. They might feel like they’re drowning in options for which wedding planner to hire.

Then, here you come with a certification from a prestigious event planning and designing course, such as the K&S Academy event planning course. For the client, the choice will become obvious: they’ll hire you!

2. Elaborate Knowledge of the Process

Whether you’re just starting or have done a bit of event planning on the side, there is always more that you could be learning. The goal is to hone your skills and continuously grow your craft. If you stay stagnant, then you’ll be left behind by the latest event planning trends, which are constantly changing.

If you’re going to start an event planning business or use a freelancer model, then you’ll want to learn as much as you can as efficiently as possible.

The event planning course from K&S Academy can provide you with all of the information you need. All who take our course will learn about topics such as:

  • Tablescapes
  • Gazebos
  • Luxury Event Setup
  • Ceiling Décor
  • Drapery
  • Pricing Your Designs
  • Business Creativity
  • Executing Floral Designs
  • Elongated Backdrops
  • Wall Treatments & more

You will also be able to pick the brain of the infamous Mrs. Serena Terry, or certified event planner and designer. She’ll unveil the methodology that she uses to create a truly unique event. 

By the time you’ve completed our event planning course, you will be able to envision the event like never before. You’ll imagine different features to incorporate and how to tie them all together.

3. Customized Courses for Your Needs

Some of you only need to learn a few more tricks to the trade. For example, you might be an event planner with 10+ years of experience who only wants to learn about design tactics such as draping, tables, centerpieces, lighting design, and so forth.

Then others of you are beginners and need to learn everything from event planning business tactics, design basics, and various other tidbits of advice for becoming an event planner.

No matter where you’re at in your event planning career, K&S Academy has you covered! We offer several different courses to cater to any need you have. Here are our packages listed out:

  • All-Inclusive Package: $5,000 (2 day)
  • Design Only Course: $3,500 (2 day)
  • Backdrop Only Corse: $1,000
  • Tablescape Only Course: $1,000
  • Balloon Course: $499 for Basic, $999 for Advanced
  • Vinyl Flooring Course: $2,500
  • Flower Arranging Course: $2,500 (8 hours)

4. Grow Your Network

One of the biggest benefits to our K&S Events educational system is our emphasis on growing connections between all the instructors and course takers. 

You’ll be able to connect and network with your peers throughout the course. Our course takers consist of people from all over the world, so you’ll be able to build a strong network of fellow event planners. This can help you build a professional support system that will help you motivate each other to greater heights.

Another perk of a strong network is the opportunity to collaborate with other event planners to give your clients something truly unique.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

Fair or not, there will be certain things that you’ll only learn by applying what you’ve learned for event planning. Our courses allow you to learn from your actions before you go out into the real world.

This is another problem with the unregulated event planning industry. Far too many uncertified event planners make crucial mistakes during the process, and their customers are the ones that pay the price for it.

By getting certified, you’re showing that you’ve not only learned tricks to the trade, but you’ve also applied them in the way you go about your event planning business.

Invest in Event Planner Classes Today

Now that you have seen the numerous benefits that you’ll receive when you invest in event planner classes, it’s time to do so for your career.

Be sure to visit this page for more information on who we are at K&S Events and why our experience is so valuable to you as a student.

For any other inquiries that you might have, be sure to reach out via our contact us page and we look forward to assisting you further.

An Event Planner’s Guide on How to Plan a Dream Wedding

plan a dream wedding

This year, there are 23,778 wedding planner businesses in the United States which is a 10% decline from the year before.

Although there are fewer wedding planning businesses around the country, people are still getting married at a steady rate.

What does this mean for those looking to begin a career in event planning? It means now is the perfect time to start!

If you want to plan a dream wedding for every client you come across, read our guide to find out how to make that goal a reality.

How to Become a Wedding Planner

Before you can start planning dream weddings for happy couples, you need to learn how to become an event planner. You can find event design courses and programs in the event management field to help you get started.

However, to truly grace couples with dream weddings, there is much more to learn. Use the following tips to become the best event planner you can be.

Create a Good Image

If someone comes to you to plan a dream wedding for them, they are going to make a snap judgment when you meet them. A wedding planner is supposed to behave with a level of professionalism and poise.

Your overall image should showcase your talents as an event planner. Focus on being business-oriented, neat, organized, and knowledgable.

Showcase Professionalism

Yes, we’ve touched on this point, but we want to add to it because of how important it is. As an event planner, you’ll need to look like a professional and act like one too.

Like other professions, you should carry the same level of professionalism in your daily life. The way you interact with others is going to indicate whether or not you are successful.

Get Organized

As a professional wedding planner, you may have to juggle more than one event at a time. Because of this, it is essential to have organizational skills.

As a general rule of thumb, you should prioritize the events that are coming up sooner than others. However, you have to be careful not to neglect other weddings in the meantime.

The easiest way to get organized is by having a calendar and to-do list. You can do this with a physical planner or by using technology. Chances are, using technology will be easier and your clients will feel more comfortable with it.

Market Yourself

Wedding planners have to dabble in marketing to get their name out there. The best strategy will cost you little money while getting your name out to the locals.

You can use social media and a website to build up your personal brand. You can also find an event planning business to work for that will handle most of the marketing for you.

Widen Your Network

Nowadays, many jobs require knowing a network of people. This couldn’t be more true for event planners.

As you work on building relationships, they may come in handy in the future.

For example, you can get to know wedding venue owners, florists, bakers, photographers, DJs, etc. One day, you may be able to get someone’s dream venue because of your relationships that another planner cannot.

How to Plan a Dream Wedding

After getting a few clients, you are ready to put your skills to use and plan a dream wedding. We’ll go over the best wedding planning tips to help you further.

Stick to the Budget

Knowing how to plan a wedding can get a little difficult if the couple has a strict budget with major asks. Not sticking to the suggested budget is a sure way to lose clients in the future.

Your job is to do everything you can to make a couple happy on their special day. Even if their requests are outlandish, you have to find a common ground to make them work.

Book the Big Elements First

Any great wedding planning checklist will have the photographer, venue, dress, and save the dates listed at the top. These are the bigger elements you should encourage a couple to get through first.

After planning the budget, booking a wedding planner is the next piece of the puzzle. Hopefully, your client has booked you enough in advance to find a great venue.

Unless a couple has a venue in mind, finding one will take time. In general, it’s best to book a venue a year in advance.

As the wedding planner, it’s up to you to get a client’s dream venue booked in a reasonable amount of time.

After the venue is booked, it’s time for your client to choose their wedding party. This can also be done around a year in advance.

The reason for choosing a wedding party far in advance is because it will allow the couple to then focus on their website. From there, they can register items and allow their loved ones access to them.

Just like venues, wedding photographers and videographers stay booked months in advance. Most clients won’t know who to choose, but with your networking skills, you should already have the right people in mind.

Last, help your bride look for their perfect wedding dress. If you took wedding planning design courses, you can use your expertise to help with the right dress and even bridesmaid dresses.

Handle the Smaller Elements Next

No element of a wedding is small, but you know what we mean. The next step of the process is helping your clients find the right flower arrangements, officiant, entertainment, and even help book the honeymoon.

Once you have the big pieces down, the rest of the wedding planning process should be a little less stressful.

Do You Have What It Takes to Be an Event Planner?

Whether you’ve dreamed of being a wedding planner your whole life or have found your new passion recently, you do have what it takes to be a wedding planner!

The hardest part of the job is getting started and making a name for yourself. If you follow the tips in this guide, you’ll be well on your way. The next step: plan a dream wedding for any client you come across!

Get started with your career by checking out our event education system. For any questions, contact us now.

Everything You Need to Know About Becoming an Event Planner

event planner

When people think of fast-growing industries, they think of technology or finance. They should think about event planning. 

Nearly 140,000 Americans are event planners. The industry will add an additional 10,000 jobs over the next decade, meaning it is growing faster than average. 

If you’re looking for an exciting job opportunity, you should think about becoming an event planner. But many people hesitate. They have a lot of questions about this line of work. 

How should someone prepare themselves for the job? What are the essential skills that a person needs? 

Here is your guide to answering those questions. 

You Should Get Educated

You do not have to go to college to be a successful event planner. But you should try to get a college education. 

There is no Bachelor’s degree in wedding planning design, so you should try to pursue a program in hospitality. A hospitality program will teach you business management, marketing, and public relations. 

If you enjoy being in college, stay and get a Master’s degree. You can take finance and entrepreneurship classes, which can set you up to run your own business. 

While at college, try to take classes outside of a core hospitality program. Taking art or literature classes can facilitate your creative thinking. 

Before you graduate, meet up with your teachers. Talk to them about life as an event planner. Take their contact information so you can use them as references and get referrals from them.  

You may be able to find event design courses in community colleges. Some provide only wedding planning courses, while others cover a range of events. In any case, try to take these classes and get a certificate in wedding planning. 

A few community centers or private businesses may have some classes. Search for “wedding design classes near me.” You may be able to get instruction in floral design, which many events rely upon. 

You Must Get Experience

Experience is just as important as education in event design. While you are in college, you need to work for an event planner. Google “wedding coordinator near me” to find jobs near you. 

As an entry-level employee, you can expect to handle the paperwork and office tasks. This sounds dull, but administrative duties give you knowledge of the back-end of the business. You may also handle some marketing duties, like sending emails to potential clients. 

Once you’re out of school, find a full-time job with an event planner. Intermediate-level employees handle more duties related to the events themselves, like finding venues. 

If you cannot find a job with an event planning company, find one with a hotel or entertainment agency. Both work alongside event planners, and you may be able to connect with one. They also give you experience in management and creative projects.  

See if you can attend some events yourself. Find a wedding event hall in Milwaukee and observe how they prepare for events. Take notes on qualities you like. 

Prepare Yourself for Long Hours 

There are many skills that event planners need to be successful. A good work ethic and endurance are two essential ones. 

Events require weeks of preparation. You have to meet with clients and figure out what they want. You have to find caterers, musicians, and venue hosts. 

Then you have to prepare the venue site itself. You have to find seating and a stage, in addition to decorations and amenities. The event itself can take hours to unfold.  

You can expect to work longer than forty hours a week, especially toward the start of your career. You may have to work late or come in early some days. 

This may sound stressful, but you can have a full life working long hours. Create a daily routine that is personalized to you. Make lists of everything you need to get done. 

Structure your days into logical blocks. If you have a lot of little tasks, break your days into hourly blocks. Spend one hour working on one task. 

If you have a lot of big tasks, break your days down into mornings, middays, and evenings. Get tasks that require troubleshooting done in the mornings. Then get routine stuff done during middays, and prepare for the next day during the evenings. 

Stay Creative and Fresh 

Being creative and energetic are two other essential skills. Every client is different, and you have to adapt to their needs and desires. You often need to come up with new ideas to resolve a problem or go the extra mile. 

Give yourself time to read, write, and look at art. Keep a journal with you and jot down ideas you can use for events. 

Get at least eight hours of sleep every night. If you’re tired, you won’t be able to give your clients their full attention. 

You may have clients from different cultural backgrounds than you. Let them take the lead on their events, especially if you are unfamiliar with their culture.

But act as a resource for them. Offer your perspective on venues they can find and how they should schedule their event. 

Find the Best Event Planner 

You need to take some steps before you become an event planner. Get yourself educated. Find courses in event design, or pursue a major in hospitality management. 

Get a job at an event planning studio. If you can’t find one, work at a hotel or an entertainment agency. Start with an entry-level position that gives you knowledge of the back-end. 

Prepare yourself for long hours by writing a schedule for your day. Find sources of inspiration so you can adapt to your clients. 

Hire a planner yourself and see what they do. K&S Events offers the best services in Milwaukee. Contact us today. 

The 6 Event Planning Skills You Need to Succeed

event planning

In 2020, 95% of B2B marketers said that meetings have a huge impact on meeting goals. 

This is just one of the reasons that meeting and event planning is a huge and necessary industry in the USA. Responsible for important events such as corporate meetings and weddings, event planners can sometimes have a huge amount of pressure on them — but it’s all worth it when they see the end result and the difference they’ve made.

Are you thinking about becoming an event planner? You should be aware of the skills you need to succeed at the job.

If you can master these, you’ll be a great event planner.

1. Communication

The most obvious should come first. Communication.

One of the most event planning skills, communication with clients and with anyone involved in making the event come to life is critical. You need to have the ability to sit down with a client and find out everything they want to make their event special.

Some clients may be very forthcoming and tell you everything they need — to the point where every little detail might be impossible to achieve! Your communication skills will come in handy there too, as sometimes you need to temper expectations.

Other times, they will be reluctant to specify too much and may be shyer. It’s important to draw out of them exactly what they want so you can make sure they aren’t let down by the final result.

You also will often have to pass on these expectations to the venue, caterer, and other people involved in planning the event. Things often get lost in translation in any industry, so you need to have the ability to be as clear as possible while still remaining both concise and warm. 

2. Organizational Skills

If you’re the kind of person who considers themselves a little scatter-brained, event planning may not be for you! At the very least, it’s a trait you’ll have to work on.

Almost a quarter of Americans, for example, pay their bills late because they can’t find them. That’s a lot of disorganized people, and some of them may end up as your clients!

You need to be organized enough for everyone. After all, clients come to you because they can’t quite organize this themselves.

After planning your first couple of events, you should have a system in place that helps you. Find a specific way to store files, take notes, and keep track of what still needs to be done.

Different things work for different people, but you need to know what helps you get the job done. 

3. Adaptability

Unfortunately, working in event planning can be a challenge at times. It’s a rewarding career, but parts will be an uphill battle — for example, your client changing their mind on something last-minute, or a venue falling through.

You need to be adaptable and able to think on your feet. If your client suddenly hates something or you need to find a backup caterer, you should be able to do this without panicking.

Adaptability and quick-thinking in a crisis are skills essential to event planning. If you don’t yet have them, it’s time to work on them. 

4. Creativity

Although a client may come to you full of ideas that they just want you to execute, you should be prepared to make suggestions and have your own input. Sometimes, someone will come to you with no real idea of what they want, and that’ll require you to do a lot of work!

Creativity is a big part of event planning. Even if the client has their own ideas, you should be able to suggest ways to make the event more special — particularly if you plan on specializing in weddings or social events rather than corporate.

Those are more likely to need a creative flair!

The good news is, the more events you do, the easier it’ll become to think of fresh and exciting ideas for each event, as you can draw inspiration from the others. Until then, browse and attend other events of the same nature. 

5. Leadership

As an event planner, you are expected to take something of a leadership role. You’ll be the one taking the clients’ ideas and translating them into something tangible by contacting everyone to make the event come together.

This doesn’t mean you have to be a huge extrovert or someone who thrives on social attention. Introverts can be great leaders too, as long as they’re willing to take charge.

You’ll also likely be expected to take charge when something goes wrong and should be prepared for that. 

6. Problem-Solving

Speaking of things going wrong — problem-solving is a huge part of being an event planner.

Here are just some of the things that can go wrong:

  • Someone is sick, and the date needs to be moved
  • The venue can no longer host the event
  • The caterer, entertainment, or something else falls through at the last minute

You’ll be expected to have fast answers. Can you do without this specific thing, or do you need to find a replacement? Where do you get one?

Event Planning Is Almost a Lifestyle

Event planning is one of the most rewarding careers out there. You can make people truly happy by giving them the event of their dreams, and if organization and creativity are your strong points and passions, you’ll truly love doing it.

However, you do need to work on these skills to be good at the job. If you can master them all, you’ll be the best event planner in town.

For event planning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, contact us today! 

7 Key Tips for Becoming an Event Planner

event planner

Between 2019 and 2029, the event planning industry is expected to grow significantly. More and more people are getting into the career, and there are many reasons why.

It’s fulfilling, and you can make your clients very happy.

However, when it comes to the career of an event planner, people often struggle with where to start. Formal training is an obvious answer, but there are other things you can — and should — do to build your career as an event planner.

If you’re seriously considering it, follow these tips to become successful in no time and be a dream event planner for many clients!

1. Focus: What Kind of Event Planner Do You Want to Be?

An event planner is a vastly varied career. There are many different kinds of meetings and events that can take place, and very rarely will an event planner cover them all.

Usually, they have an area of expertise.

This could be anything from:

  • Wedding planning
  • Social events
  • Corporate events
  • Non-profit organization events

It’s important to decide what you’re passionate about, as well as the kind of money you want to make and how much time you want to spend working. Planning some of these events can be more demanding than others.

2. Research, Research, Research

When you’ve decided what kind of event planning you want to do, it’s time to do your research.

Look at successful events of the same kind. Attend some if possible. 

You’ll also want to do some online research. Check how much they pay, how your work-life balance will look. If you can, talk to others who are in the same business in your area, as they’ll be able to give you realistic ideas.

It’s also worth researching just how in-demand your niche is. You don’t want to pick a job as an event planner for a certain kind of meeting, only to find out that people in your area are rarely looking for such a thing. 

3. Set Your Goals

When you’ve decided what kind of event planning you want to do and you’ve done your research to solidify your decision, it’s time to set some goals.

You might want to think about how many events you want to plan in a given time frame because then you’ll know how many people you can take on.

You’ll also want to think about your rates. You can charge by the hour or by the event, and it really depends on what works for you.

You can also set annual goals for your business, as hopefully, it will grow as time goes on.

4. Build a Portfolio

Building a portfolio of images is one of the most important things you can do as an event planner. It’s something to show your clients to convince them of why they should hire you, and it’s a very valuable tool.

Many people choose to have a hard copy, but having a website is also a great idea. 

Even if web design isn’t your thing, there are free website hosts and themes you can use that will impress your clients just as much as any custom design! 

You’ll have to get started on event planning before you build your portfolio, but make sure you have one up and running as soon as possible. 

5. Become Certified

Becoming a certified event planner is a goal for most people in that career field. There are many different certifications available, each with its own requirements, so it’s important to look into what’s best for you.

A related degree (such as hospitality) can speed up the time it takes you to get certified but without the degree, you can expect to need anywhere between 2-5 years for certification.

The benefits of certification include being able to charge more for your work and being respected in your field. People are more likely to hire someone with a certification, even if the rate is higher. 

6. Make Good Connections

Making good connections and networking is as important as anything else in the industry!

If there are event planning conventions anywhere near you — or you have the means to travel to them — you should do it. By making the effort, you can get your name out there more as a respected event planner and connect with others in the industry who may be able to lead you to clients.

You can also connect with people online if it isn’t possible to attend conventions. 

7. Build a Good Reputation

There will be times in your job when you’re frustrated with a particularly difficult client, or when something seems impossible. While you may not be in the wrong, it’s important to keep your cool.

Many event planners get their clients from referrals or word of mouth. If you come across as frustrated and easily stressed — even if that’s not the truth of the situation — it might mean losing out on potential clients.

By always being calm, friendly, and professional, you’ll do yourself a lot of favors in this field. Working on your people skills is as important as anything else. 

Do All This and You’ll Be a Respected Event Planner in No Time!

If you’re willing to work on your experience and training, build a professional portfolio, and become certified when the time comes, you’re well on your way to becoming a respected event planner!

It’s not always an easy path, but it’s highly rewarding and will give you a career where you can truly make a difference and enjoy your work. What else could you ask for?

For event planning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, or learn How to become an Event Planner Pro, contact us today!