K&S Events – Event Planner Traveling to Des Plaines, IL

Who doesn’t want their wedding or special event to be absolutely perfect? With K&S Events, we understand this need, and we strive to make your event one to remember. We take the stress out of event planning, so all you will need to do is show up and have fun! This is why Des Plaines, IL trusts K&S Events with traveling to ensure that their weddings, corporate events, parties, and more are planned to perfection.

About Serena Terry

The mastermind behind K&S Events, Mrs. Serena Terry has been a design aficionado since childhood. Starting with cleaning and decorating the homes of her relatives when she was young, Serena followed her passion into adulthood to become a certified Event Planner with professional certifications from the United States Career Institute and the Institute of Wedding and Design. She founded K&S Events with her husband, Keith, and together the couple’s combined business know-how and organization and design expertise create a company like no other. Their unique perspective is why K&S Events is Des Plaines, IL’s first choice for an event planner with the drive to get things done.

Endless Custom Décor for Des Plaines, IL

Mesmerizing backdrops, sparkling crystal candelabras and unique table arrangements make up just some of the many options for décor that we have at K&S Events. Our designers are masters in crafting customized décor to fit any theme, making sure to wow both you and your guests. Rendezvous in paradise, black tie, or fairytale wedding? All themes are our favorite! How about having a romantic first dance in the clouds, or scattering your venue with hundreds of flowers? We have options to delight and thrill everyone, which is why we’re at the top of the list for event décor for Des Plaines, IL events.

Beautiful Des Plaines, IL Wedding Packages

Three elegant wedding packages, each perfect in their own way. Our Gold, Platinum, and Diamond wedding packages are tiered, customizable options that have all the features to make your wedding an event to remember. Each package is priced for between 100 to 150 guests but can be adjusted to accommodate larger or smaller weddings. There are a multitude of features to choose from for each package, including but not limited to fresh flowers, centerpieces, up lighting, backdrops, candles, and more. Our design team will partner with both you and your future spouse to create the right package for your wedding to ensure that your nuptials are positively perfect.

Online or In-Person Event Planning Classes for Des Plaines, IL

Are you a highly organized person? Do you have a passion for creativity? Are you looking for a career that you will absolutely love? Look no further than K&S Academy, the premier event planning industry coursework from K&S Events. Designed by our veteran event planner Mrs. Serena Terry, our curriculum covers both the design and the business sides of event planning. These one and two-day courses are offered either in-person or online, and Serena is willing to travel to wherever her students may be to share in her knowledge and passion. Topics covered include business aspects such as how to have a consultation with a client and how to write up a contract, as well as design basics such as creating backdrops, centerpieces, or flower arrangements. With ten years in the business under her belt, Serena has connections with other professionals in the industry, and is more than willing to share in her wisdom and vision. In-person classes also receive the valuable opportunity to design and create your very own event space. Upon completion of these courses, you will be awarded certificates of completion and will be well on your way to becoming a certified event planner. Industry hopefuls in Des Plaines, IL trust K&S Academy and K&S Events for our unique and dedicated approach. Check us out today to find out if K&S Academy is right for you.