K&S Events – Event Planner Traveling to Detroit

With K&S Events, we understand that you want your wedding or other special event to be one to remember. So instead of trying to go it alone, let us do the hard work of planning and organizing for you. All you’ll need to worry about is showing up! Detroit residents choose K&S Events for our professionalism and expertise when it comes to planning their weddings, parties, corporate events, and so much more.

Design Expert, Serena Terry

Serena Terry has always had a passion for design and beautifying spaces. When she was a young child, she would go to visit her relatives and clean and decorate their houses for fun, which amused them greatly. This childhood hobby turned into a full-fledged career, and today Serena is a certified Event Planner with professional certifications from the United States Career Institute and the Institute of Wedding and Design. With her husband, Keith, Serena created K&S Events as a way to marry Keith’s business savvy nature with her design and organizational passions, and the pair has quickly become Milwaukee’s choice event planning business. Serena’s willingness to travel and meet clients where they are make K&S Events a perfect choice for Detroit residents looking for expert event planning.

Gorgeous, Custom Décor for Detroit Events

The options for your event’s décor are endless, including artful table arrangements, shimmering crystal candelabras, and elegant backdrops. Do you have a specific theme in mind for your special day? We have you covered, with décor that will fit any theme from black tie to tropical getaway and everything in between. Your guests will be mesmerized by our ability to transform any venue from drab to fabulous. Have a fantasy first dance in the clouds or deck out your reception space with hundreds of flowers, the possibilities are endless. K&S Events’ innovative décor options keep Detroit coming back again and again for event design that dazzles.

Detroit’s Elegant Wedding Packages

Choose your favorite: Gold, Platinum, or Diamond. Our three wedding packages are named after these elegant precious materials, and each are perfectly crafted to make your special day extra special. With numerous options, each package is priced for between 100 and 150 guests but can be customized to fit larger and smaller weddings. The options can be customized, as well, including but not limited to centerpieces, backdrops, up lighting, candles, fresh flowers, and more. We take pride in our hands-on approach, and we work with you and your partner closely to create the custom package that fits your needs and your budget. Detroit brides and grooms rely on K&S Events for stunning weddings again and again.

Event Planning Instructor Traveling to Detroit

Are you a detail-oriented person? Do you enjoy flexing your organizational skills? Are you thinking of switching up your career? Then K&S Academy may be just what you need! The premier event planning coursework of K&S Events, K&S Academy will take you through both the design and the business side of the event planning industry. Our in-house expert event planner, Serena Terry, has crafted these one and two-day courses with care, and she teaches them both online and in-person. Serena is based in Milwaukee, but she’s willing to travel wherever her students may be to share in her industry wisdom and knowledge. With K&S Academy, you’ll learn business basics such as how to hold client consultations and how to draft contracts, as well as design skills such as creating backdrops and arranging flowers into dazzling displays. Serena’s decade-plus of experience gives her many connections to other creative professionals in the industry that she’s willing to share with her students, and she offers hands-on experience in creating and designing event spaces for her in-person courses. At the completion of each course, you receive a certificate of completion and you’re well on your way to becoming a certified event planner. Detroit event planning hopefuls trust K&S Academy and K&S Events over all the other event planning instructors for our dedicated approach and professionalism.