K&S Events—Superior Event Planner Near Elm Grove, WI

At K&S Events, we know that your wedding or special event needs to be the very best. So, let us do the hard work of planning your special day for you, so you can just relax and dream about the fun stuff! Elm Grove, WI residents choose K&S Events for superior service with planning weddings, parties, corporate events, and so much more.

About Serena Terry

Mrs. Serena Terry is the owner and co-founder of K&S Events. Serena got her start in design as a small child, by experimenting with cleaning and decorating the homes of her relatives when she visited. Her organizational skills were a hit with her family, and Serena hasn’t looked back since. Now, she is a certified Event Planner with professional certifications from the United States Career Institute and the Institute of Wedding and Design. She founded K&S Events with her husband, Keith, already a powerhouse in the Milwaukee area venue industry. With their combined professionalism, knowledge, and expertise, Serena and Keith make K&S Events Elm Grove, WI’s number one choice for event planning and design.

Beautiful, One-of-a-Kind Décor for Elm Grove, WI Events

With whimsical backdrops, delicate crystal candelabras, intricate table arrangements, and more, the options for K&S Events’ décor are endless!  We have designs to fit every theme, whether that’s fairytale princess, rendezvous in paradise, black tie, or something else! No matter what your style, we’ll craft custom décor that is sure to wow your guests. From a fantasy first dance in the clouds, to magical balloon arches and floral displays, there’s something for everyone with K&S Events’ expert design team at the helm. We’ve definitely got it all, and that’s why Elm Grove, WI loves our designs for their weddings and events.

Amazing Elm Grove, WI Wedding Packages

Choose your favorite: Gold, Platinum, or Diamond. These precious materials lend their names to our luxe wedding packages, and we definitely make sure they live up to their hype! Each package is customizable and is priced for between 100-150 guests, but they can easily be adjusted to accommodate larger or smaller parties. Some of our package options include fresh flowers, backdrops, centerpieces, up lighting, candles, and more! Our experienced design team will go above and beyond to help you choose the options that are right for your style vision and your budget. Our hands-on approach is why Elm Grove, WI brides and grooms adore K&S Events for all their wedding needs.

Event Planning Classes Near Elm Grove, WI

Are you looking for something different? Are you a creative person with a mind for business? Have you considered event planning as a career? Look no further than K&S Academy—K&S Events’ premier event planning industry coursework. These one and two-day classes will teach you not only the business side of the industry, such as consultations and contracts, but will give you an in-depth look at the design aspects, as well. You’ll learn how to drape fabric, create backdrops, arrange tables, create floral arrangements and so much more. With over a decade of experience, Serena Terry brings her knowledge and wisdom to the courses, cutting out the fluff of some other traditional programs. She will get you connected with other creative professionals in the industry, and each course culminates in a hands-on experience where you get to design your own event space. Once completed, each course is granted a certificate of completion, and you will have all the basics to become a certified event planner. See for yourself what the K&S difference is all about and sign up for K&S Academy, today. Elm Grove, WI aspiring event planners won’t be disappointed.