K&S Events – Traveling Event Planner for Evanston, IL

You have an important day, and you want it to be perfect. That’s what we offer at K&S Events. So, let us take care of the planning and you can rest assured that your special day will be flawless. This is why Evanston, IL uses K&S Events to plan their wedding, parties and corporate events.

Serena Terry – Owner and Founder

Mrs. Serena Terry is a certified Event Planner with professional certifications from the United States Career Institute and the Institute of Wedding and Design. Growing up, she learned to love design. Her relatives were always surprised when she would come to their homes and redecorate their living space. This was just the beginning. As an adult, she opened her own event planning firm, K&S Events, along with her husband Keith, which has grown into Milwaukee’s top event planner. They are a great choice for Evanston, IL event planning because of their combined business and design knowledge and professionalism.

Stunning, Personalized Décor for Evanston, IL

Stunning crystal candelabras, captivating backdrops, and amazing tablescapes are among the many options for custom décor available from K&S Events. Our décor can be tailored to fit any theme, whether it’s black tie, rendezvous in paradise, fairytale princess, or something else. No matter what your event vision is, our staff has you covered for anything from a first dance in the clouds to florists delivering hundreds of stunning bouquets. K&S Events is Evanston, IL’s first pick for unique event décor and design.

Evanston, IL’s Best Wedding Packages

Choose from our three wedding package options – Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. All three packages are as luxurious as their namesakes, and all are highly customizable with a variety of options. A package is typically priced between 100 and 150 guests, but larger or smaller guest lists can easily be accommodated. Various options are available for each package, including candles, up lighting, backdrops, centers, fresh flowers, and more. With our experts, we can craft the perfect package for you and your future spouse’s style and budget. Evanston, IL brides and grooms appreciate the hands-on, personalized approach of K&S Events for their wedding needs.

Traveling Event Planning Instructor for Evanston, IL

Have you been contemplating switching careers? Do you love making designs and organizing things? For those wanting to embark upon an event planning career, K&S Academy is the way to go. Designed by our in-house expert event planner, Serena Terry, our K&S Academy curriculum is one of the best event planning courses available. K&S Academy is based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but Serena travels wherever she is needed to teach courses. Our two-day and one-day courses walk you through the basics of event planning from a business perspective to a creative one. Besides learning how to handle client consultations and negotiate contracts, you’ll also learn how to arrange stunning floral arrangements and set up unique backdrops. Since Serena has been in the event planning and design business for over a decade, she has connections with other creative professionals and a wealth of know-how in event planning and design. The in-person classes will provide you with valuable hands-on experience in planning and creating your very own event space, and each one will come with a certification of completion. For aspirational event planners in Evanston, IL, K&S Academy and K&S Events stands out for its expertise and willingness to accommodate students where they are.