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Who is Serena Terry? 

Serena Terry has always had a designer’s eye and mind.

She didn’t grow up in a fancy home, but her mother kept the place neat and organized. The homes of her relatives, however, Serena noticed  could use some work. She started cleaning and organizing their homes, attempting to “make it look like something.” Her relatives were grateful, and with the practice Serena soon moved on to creating more elaborate event space setups, such as in her church.

Going into adulthood, Serena transitioned into the event planning industry. Romance started to blossom between Serena and Keith Terry, owner of 3041 North venue rentals in Milwaukee. Serena started to become involved in Keith’s business ventures, and she started to notice a few things. She says that 3041 North had potential, but Keith needed a hand with organization. “There were a lot of things that needed reworking,” Serena says.

She started to work and volunteer at 3041 North, and eventually she convinced Keith to let her host an event at the venue to show what she could really do. “My first event was jam packed,” Serena says proudly. “It was amazing. I had the décor and everything. I felt like a natural event planner.” From that day on, she took over the business herself. With new staff and new processes in place, 3041 North grew to be one of Milwaukee’s most popular venues.

K&S Events was born out of the need to marry the venue space of 3041 North with the event planning and design aspect of the business. The two companies are one entity, but K&S Events takes center stage as the company that handles designing and making their clients’ dreams come true. “When customers come to K&S, I want them to have a memorable experience,” Serena says. The customer service experience is her number one focus. “I want them to want to come back even if it’s not for a wedding— if a family member is having a baby shower or a milestone event… I want to be the first they think of when planning all of life’s parties.”

Serena’s design expertise and client-focused mindset sets K&S Events apart from the rest. Clients walk away with memories that will last a lifetime and that makes everything worthwhile to Serena and her team of event planners.

Why K&S Events

K&S Events strives to create the perfect experience for your wedding or party through detailed event planning. We take pride in getting to know our clients personally by finding out their style in order to bring the event of their dreams to life. Serena’s experience in the event planning industry, and her expertise is a key component of the K&S brand. Her keen eye for design and passion for creating whimsical event space setups distinguishes K&S from the rest. Let our professional event planners help take your party, wedding, or conference to the next level.

Why K&S Academy

Serena’s detailed event planning and design courses offer a wide variety of topics for the aspiring event planner or designer, without the excess fluff of traditional education. These one and two-day intensive courses will teach you everything you need to know about getting into the event planning industry, how to form connections, and how to set up consultations with clients. They will also give you the basics of event design and décor, with units on backdrops, table arrangements, flower arrangements, drapery, and everything in between. You’ll learn to create fantastic and extravagant event space setups and get the how-tos on everything from balloon décor to tablescapes. Serena’s courses with K&S Academy have it all.

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